Mid and South Essex GP-S mentoring

FOiV8nDXoAwcMZi In Mid and South Essex we are working with Mid & South Essex Health and Care Partnership to support GPs and trainee GPs through our service via standard coaching and also through the local supporting mentors scheme. Within Mid and South Essex, GP-S is open to all fully qualified GPs including those on career breaks.

This page explains our standard offer to all GPs in Mid and South Essex, you can find out more about the offer through the supporting mentors scheme here.

If this all sounds like something that may benefit you, click here to start the process of being linked with a mentor.

What is the offer?

GPs and GP Trainees in Mid and South Essex can access eight hours of support with a trained local peer mentor across 12 months. The service support offer is suitable for anyone who feels they are stuck on a particular problem or opportunity either within their personal or professional lives. We are able to work with you to empower you to create and work towards goals that feel right for you.

Our mentors don’t give advice but work with you through recognised coaching and mentoring models to achieve this. All our mentors are GPs so understand the role and sessions are predominantly virtual meaning you don’t have to take time out of your day to travel to and from a venue making it easy to fit around other commitments.

The service is self-directed and is suitable for those who are willing to engage and have time to do so.

How it works and how to access

An outline of how we work to support you locally:

  • You make contact with GP-S by clicking here to complete a quick online expression of interest form.
  • You will receive a reply from GP-S within three working days.
  • You will then be asked to complete an online referral form and once this is complete you will be linked with a mentor lead
  • You will then be asked to complete an online referral form and once this is complete you will be given information on up to four mentors to decide which you’d prefer to move forward with.
  • The confirmed mentor will then be formally linked with you and will make contact to introduce themselves, start planning an initial session and send over contracting information within two weeks.
  • Mentors will then work with you over 12 months to provide up to eight hours of support, this can be in one or two hour sessions. You may be asked to provide feedback via an online form, emailed to you directly, at certain stages.
  • At the end of the support you will be notified by your mentor that sessions are closing and will be asked to complete a final feedback form.

Disclaimer and Criteria for accessing

Please note: GP-S is a non-emergency service providing peer to peer mentoring and coaching using predominantly the Egan model. This is a mentoring and coaching service for clients who would like support with personal or professional development including being stuck on moving forward with problems or opportunities. It is not suitable for individuals suffering with poor mental health or needing practical hands-on support.

If you feel you need immediate support please call 999 or 111 or get in touch with NHS Practitioner Health who can support with mental health concerns.

Additional local resources

All GPs who have CCT’d in the past 12 months or are currently in their ST3 year and due to CCT in the next 12 months can access a GP New to Practice Fellowship through Mid and South Essex ICS. To find out more take a look at their booklet on the offer here: N2P Fellowship Guide v2 October 2022

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