Two day Mentor Training and Assessment Course

Our two day training and assessment course will equip course delegates to work with clients using core concepts of mentoring and coaching. The training is highly interactive and experiential.

This training allows each delegate to work in triads with an experienced facilitator to get real time supportive feedback to enhance their learning experience.

Each course is led by an experienced team of trainers and facilitators provided by GP-S, each holding various professional qualifications in mentoring, coaching and training.

Our GP-S training team are able to provide a safe space to support delegates to confidently and skilfully manage supportive conversations that stretch a client’s thinking and help them move forward towards their desired goals.

What's included in the course?

Pre course work

The course includes three hours of pre-course work for each delegate. This will include providing resources for delegates to determine their learning styles, access to two audio presentations led by GP-S trainers providing an overview of mentoring and coaching and access to a number of video simulations of the model of mentoring in action.

Day One

The first day is focused on learning new skills. It will give each delegates a chance to learn the model of coaching through a mixture of presentations, demonstrations, pairs work and open question sessions.

Day Two

On the second day our trainers will be joined by facilitators to enable triad working for the majority of the day. Delegates will work in triads and play the role of mentor, client and observer. They will receive supportive feedback on how they manage each stage of the model of mentoring/coaching as a mentor by all in the triad. Facilitators will be assessing delegates on each stage which will form their final RAG rating and feedback.

Post course

Two weeks after the course, delegates will all receive supportive personalised feedback on their skills during and after the course, including a RAG rating if requested. Commissioners will also receive a report on the training. GP-S can support with next steps if requested, including additional training for Amber delegates or for areas who would like support from GP-S to set up a local mentoring service, GP-S will manage delegate welcome meetings, additional training and completing mentor agreements.

Who can benefit from the training?

Anyone who would like to develop their skills in mentoring and coaching. It would also be useful for areas wishing to set up a mentoring service as the course will allow you to train up mentors/coaches quickly without compromising on quality.

Courses must have a minimum number of four delegates and a maximum of 18 and we recommend a multiple of three to allow for triad working on the second day. If you’re an individual and would like to access the training, get in touch as single places are also available.

Do you provide admin support?

Yes, we can work with you to provide as much or as little admin support as you need.

We work with areas commissioning training to manage:

  • Collecting initial expression of interest forms
  • Providing 15 minute drop in “information and Q&A” sessions for interested parties
  • Managing delegate information
  • Providing course materials
  • Managing delegate queries about the course

Some of the above may incur an additional cost.

How to access the course

If you’d like to arrange a chat with our service manager to discuss the training in more detail, request more information or a proposal of how we can work with your team please get in touch.

Use our online contact form and specify that you’re interested in the 2 day training and assessment course. Alternatively, you can email us directly or by calling 0115 979 6910 during normal office hours.

How much does it cost?

Course costs are dependant on the number of delegates attending and start at just £219.44 per day excluding VAT. To find out how much your course would be, get in touch via our online contact form for a free proposal and cost breakdown.

Please Note: all costs listed on this page are for Virtual sessions only. If you’d like to request a costing for an in person course in your area please use our online contact form to request this